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Fifty percent of marriages end in divorce. Those people are probably looking for a lawyer. When they do a Google search for “local divorce lawyer,” does your website show up in the first few results? If not, these potential clients are likely going to your competition for help – because they don’t even know you exist.

Fortunately, here at Funnel Boost Media we have experience in divorce lawyer digital marketing. We can help your firm gain exposure online in your local market. Our legal marketing solutions are all-inclusive, from search engine optimization and campaigns to website creation and design. Whether you require a little bit of help (just SEO and PPC) or a lot (a completely new website), we’re here to make that happen for you.

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Reach Divorce Clientswith PPC Marketing

The other half of search engine marketing is PPC. Pay-per-click ads put your website front and center in the search engines. After all, you want to reach potential clients when and where they are looking for a divorce lawyer, right?

As with SEO, PPC works by targeting specific keywords. Unlike SEO, however, the results seen from PPC campaigns are immediate. Instead of waiting for your website to move up organically, PPC ads show up right away at the very top and side of search engine results. That way, potential clients can’t help but notice.

We recommend investing in our SEO and PPC services, as they work together to deliver optimal results for your business. Our goal is to get your divorce law firm maximum exposure online, especially in the search engines, for an affordable price.

We know you’re busy doing a great job representing your clients. We’re great at increasing your firm’s online presence and generating you more leads. Let’s work together and grow your business. Give us a call today or fill out the contact form to get started.

Divorce LawyerSEO That Works

Ranking high in the major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo!) in your local market requires not only great content on your website, but excellent SEO. Search engine optimization is the process of increasing your rank organically for certain keywords or phrases. It requires three things:

  1. Unique content on your website. To understand that your company is a leader among divorce lawyers, search engines must have access to a lot of unique, relevant content – blogs, landing pages, press releases, and more. Here at Funnel Boost Media we can get all that content written for you.
  2. Keywords are terms related to divorce law that potential clients will be searching for. We do all the research to decide which keywords to focus on and increase your ranking for.
  3. Links to your website. Links from other authoritative sources in the divorce law field linking back to your website are vital in establishing credibility. We will never build irrelevant or shady links that end up hurting your online reputation.