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Treatment Center Marketing
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Like every business, addiction and psychiatric-disorder treatment centers require customers. There are many ways to attract new clients, the internet being one of the main ones. Of course, the tricky part is knowing how to get started with your online marketing. It’s not enough simply to have a website and hope the right people stumble across it. That’s where we come in. Our treatment center marketing has helped numerous rehab centers bring in more visitors, leads, and admits to the facility.

Think about it — the last time you did a web search for something, did you click past the first page of results? We thought not. Search engine results ranking on page one get more website traffic by far compared with those ranking on pages two, three, or beyond in the search engines.

Do a Google search for “treatment centers.” More than 11 million results. Yours is probably in there somewhere, but we can help you rank on page one. As a treatment center, your focus should be on helping those with addictions and mood disorders. Stop wasting time trying to track down those people – let us take care of that for you.

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Does your treatment center accept patients

with the following disorders?

  • Addiction:alcohol and substance abuse
  • Psychiatric disorders:depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and more
  • Dual-diagnosis:both addiction and psychiatric disorders We’ll focus specifically on those areas to find patients at the moment they’re looking for treatment, and we’ll guide them to you

We’ll focus specifically on those areas to find patients at the moment they’re looking for treatment, and we’ll guide them to you.

Treatment Marketing
That Works

Tired of wasting your money on traditional marketing practices, or paying digital marketing companies that don’t deliver results? We have competitive prices to help you achieve peak digital marketing reach!

We offer two search engine marketing services:

  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • PPC (pay-per-click) advertising

A note: To avoid any conflicts of interest, we only offer SEO services for one customer per industry per city. That means we work for you and only you. Not you and your competitors. That how Funnel Boost Media strives to deliver the best treatment center marketing services.

Give us a call or use our quick contact form to send us a message. We look forward to helping your business grow.